Church Video Clips

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These short video clips were taken on visits to churches and other sites of religious interest. Those taken before July 2015 were filmed on an HTC mobile phone (apart from the Barcelona ones which were filmed on a Samsung camcorder) whilst those taken after that date were filmed on a MANN Zug 5S mobile phone. For some reason the file sizes generated by the MANN phone are much larger than those from the HTC and so I recommend you use a good broadband or Wi-Fi to download these rather than 3G which will take forever! They are not intended to be professional quality videos but it is hoped that they will educate and inspire the viewer. As with all the content on this site, please respect the fact that these clips are © copyright material.

PORTO Cathedral (October 2016)

Very little of the original 12th Century Romanesque structure survives, but Porto's lofty Cathedral is still replete with history. Henry the Navigator was baptised, and the English Princess Philippa of Lancaster married King John I here. Much alteration and restoration took place in the 17th Century. Click here to view a 45-second video clip of the Cathedral. (74MB, MP4 format).

TARLETON, Holy Trinity (August 2015)

Opened in 1886, Holy Trinity Church was built to replace St. Mary's Church which had become too small. I couldn't get in when I attempted to visit so I listened to the bell ringing instead - Holy Trinity has a peal of eight bells from the Taylor foundry in Loughborough. Click here to view a 42-second video clip featuring the bells. (72MB, MP4 format).

RAVENNA, Mausoleo da Galla Placidia (June 2013)

Galla Placidia was the daughter of the Roman Emperor Theodosius and her Mausoleum in Ravenna is one of the city's seven World Heritage Sites. The structure dates from 425AD and visits are timed to a maximum of five minutes to minimise damage to the ancient and very delicate mosaics. Click here to view a one-minute video clip. (19MB, MP4 format).

RAVENNA, Basilica di San Vitale (June 2013)

Dating from the reign of the Gothic King Theodoric in the Sixth Century, the World Heritage Listed Basilica di San Vitale was featured in Issue 2 of my Heritage & Buildings Newsletter, downloadable from the Publications page of this site. The church is particularly famous for its exquisite mosaics, still bright and fresh despite being over 1,300 years old. Click here to view a one-minute video clip of the mosaics. (18MB, MP4 format).

FIRENZE, Duomo (June 2013)

The Duomo in Firenze (Florence) takes on the most glorious flamingo pink colouring in a summer sunset. Click here to view a one-minute video clip of the west end. (23.3MB, MP4 format).

BARCELONA, La Sagrada Família (May 2011)

Gaudí's masterpiece has survived wars, fires and the construction of a high-speed railway tunnel next to its foundations.... and it isn't even complete yet! Construction began in 1882 and it is hoped that the church (despite its size it is not a cathedral) will be complete in time for the centenary of Gaudí's death in 2026. When I visited in 2011 it was probably about two-thirds finished. There are five clips:

  • Exterior clip showing towers and the Passion Façade (17.7MB, 24sec, MP4 format).
  • Interior clip showing the branching tree-like columns (23.1MB, 37sec, MP4 format).
  • Interior clip showing ceiling and some stained glass (25.1MB, 43sec, MP4 format).
  • Exterior clip showing part of the Nativity Façade (45.6MB, 60sec, MP4 format).
  • Exterior clip showing details of the Passion Façade (22.1MB, 30sec, MP4 format).