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Welcome to the official website for Ian Simpson, the Birmingham-based church buildings consultant and historian. Please use the links above to navigate around the site, which will work better if you have "JavaScript" enabled in your browser. This site doesn't leave any cookies on your computer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE October 15th 2019

As all Ian's friends and most of his acquaintances and enemies will know, Ian passionately despises and opposes Brexit, believing that the UK's departure from the European Union will result in a bonfire of hard-won workers' rights and the loss of opportunities for everyone (young people in particular) to travel, work, live and love in 28 countries - not to mention economic harship for millions. One less-important consequence of this foolishness is that UK citizen and businesses will no longer have access to ".eu" internet domains and email accounts and therefore Ian has reluctantly decided to move his websites, email addresses, etc., to a newly-registered domain ian-simpson.net (note the hyphen!). This process will take place during the second half of October 2019. Please note however that all services on iansimpson.eu will continue in parallel until such time as the UK leaves the European Union.

Presentation Slides, April / May 2019

Presentation slides for two of Ian's recent talks are available and can now be downloaded, free of charge, using the links below:

- Maintenance Training Day at Christ Church, Wharton, 9th May 2019. [1.83MB]

- The Care and Conservation of Historic Tiled Floors at Christ Church, Toxteth Park, 30th April 2019. [1.08MB]

Presentation Slides from St. Agnes & St. Pancras, Summer 2018 Talks

Ian presented a series of four linked evenings on the architecture and history of St. Agnes' Church during the Summer of 2018 as part of the church's commitment to increasing community engagement with its heritage under the terms of the HLF Repair Grant awarded towards major structural repairs. With the exception of the first evening, the Photography Master Class on June 27th, all were accompanied by Power Point slide shows which can now all be downloaded, free of charge, using the links below:

- Anatomy of a Repair Project - 26th July 2018 [1.90MB]

- 400 Years of Toxteth Church history - 22nd August 2018 [1.35MB]

- The Horsfall Family - Celebrating and Conserving Their Legacy - 4th October 2018 [0.89MB]

Reflecting on Five Years as Heritage Officer

As part of a series of evening talks at St. Mary's Church in Prescot during the summer of 2018, Ian took the opportunity to reflect on five years in post as Heritage Officer for the Diocese of Liverpool. Ian was the first person ever to be appointed to such a post in Liverpool as one of a national network of Places of Worship Support Officers funded by Historic England. He shared some of the fascinating things he has learned since June 2013, talking about the importance of maintaining church buildings and keeping them open, celebrating some of the people he has met and looking at what the future might hold for Liverpool's Listed churches. This talk took place on August 15th, 2018, and a PDF version of the presentation slides may be downloaded free of charge using the link below:

- Reflections on Five Years as Heritage Officer - 15th August 2018 [1.63MB]

Tales From The Inner City, or "Controversy, Typhoid and the Motorway That Never Was"

Ian presented a talk entitled "Tales From The Inner City" at the Historic Religious Buildings Association's "Big Update" event in London on December 6th, 2017. As well as telling the stories of five Toxteth Churches and some of the remarkable people associated with them, Ian was aiming to create positive publicity at a national level for Toxteth and its hugely important religious heritage. Did you know that Toxteth has five Grade I Listed places of worship and five more listed at Grade II*?

If you want to view the slides illustrating the presentation (in PDF format) then follow this link (opens in a new tab or window). A version of the talk - not an exact transcript, but it's reasonably close - complete with some extra notes is available here (also in PDF format).


You can still view the footage of Ian's sponsored abseil, undertaken in January 2016 in order to raise money towards the restoration project at St. Agnes & St. Pancras Church, Sefton Park by following this link to Dave Graham's YouTube page.

UPDATED 15th October 2019 (Minor Update)